‘If you hear hoofbeats in Kentucky…


…think horses, not zebras’.

That’s a saying in the world of medicine, for responding to a symptom with a likely cause rather than an uncommon serious one.

When my midwife felt my belly in late pregnancy and said my baby felt small, it was natural for us to think it would be nothing terrible, it would just be a small and common issue. The next day proved us wrong… our baby’s destiny was to be short.

We wanted a baby. We got a zebra.

And what a beautiful zebra we got.

Here’s a thought for you, my reader. If you feel angry, upset or frustrated with life, in any way. I challenge you to see the opportunities, not the obstacles. Bear with me for I’m still learning it myself, I dare say it will be a lifelong lesson. But I think the more you get into the hang of seeing an opportunity where you would otherwise see an obstacle, you will build bulging muscles for positivity. My shower runs hot and cold at the moment. I moaned, until today when I embraced the opportunity to use the hot/cold alternation to boost my circulation.

What did I learn from carrying Evan? What opportunity did he give me? Amongst several things: great knowledge of the power that we can love! And that love knows no bounds, not fear, pain… or even death.

In birthing an extraordinary baby, we had a grand opportunity to love, hold and kiss the finest fleeting zebra… whose hooves pelted their way through our life and enhanced us at the soul core. 

And we will never stop believing in horses.


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