Seafaring Surreal Fashion on show

Four of my works from Surreal Fashion currently hang in the group show at the flagship Castle Fine Art gallery in Mayfair, 24 Bruton Street, London. The four are below: Storm Door and Swan Lake feature in large edition, Scarlet Song and Victory Voyage hang in medium edition. All prints are available in small, medium and large (for full edition details, along with credits for crew etc, see captions on

The show is on till 21st September 2014


Storm Door (2011)

Shot at Weston Park, UK.



Scarlet Song (2013)

Shot in LA, features boat from ‘Ships in a Fresh Breeze’ by Hermanus Koekkoek (1778-1851). 



Swan Lake (2014)

Shot in the ballroom of The Ruins, Seattle US, with CreativeLive.



Victory Voyage (2013)

Shot in London, features clouds from 1859 seascape by Marcus Larsson.


I have not exhibited much since my busy days and six solo shows of Self-Gazing, and I am just getting back into it on a whole new exciting tangent. I am very selective about where Surreal Fashion goes on show – and I’m very happy to see them hung in Castle Fine Art’s beautiful Georgian building.


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